Richard W Rucker

On this page we will put the story about Richard W Rucker.

Richard W Rucker was a right waist gunner on a B17 Bomber, Serialnumber : 42-30860
with the 337th Bomber Squadron, 96th Bomber Group, Heavy.

Their B17 went down on 16 december 1943 near Texel.

The crewmembers on 16 December 1943 were :
William E. Shields (radio-operator), not on crew on December 16, 1943.
E. Wilkie Schanke (co-pilot), KIA
Merl L. Schroeder (pilot), MIA
Paul R. Girvin (bombardier) KIA
Henry A. Tracy (navigator) KIA
Richard W. Rucker (right waist gunner) MIA
Arthur L. Lemieux (engineer), MIA
Anthony Carpentieri (left waist gunner) KIA
John B. Hull (tail gunner) MIA